Dear Lani: On Conventions (Part 1)

Welcome to this week’s Dear Lani, an advice column to answer all your kinky questions. Want to know how a guy gets fitted for a chastity cage? Want to know what gag reflex training looks like? We’ve got your answers, or at least advice…okay, opinion.

Q: What is a fetish or kink convention really like? What can I expect if I go to one?

A: When you hear those words, they conjured images of orgies everywhere, piles of bodies all having sex together. Or they think it’s a marathon of sex. Sure, some of that happens, but usually behind closed doors. 

Have you ever been to an anime or geek convention? It’s really not too different than that. The biggest difference is probably the amount of nakedness, the topics panels cover, the stylized products behind sold and yes, the kinds of kinky hookups. Okay, so there are some differences.

There are a couple of aspects to consider: logistics, what you wear, panels and vendors. Let’s tackle logistics first.

A con experience is all about how you schedule and book for events. Many conventions start light in the afternoon of the first day so it’s worth it to check in earlier in the morning, take some time to get settled in and explore the grounds. You’ll want to note where things like convenience stores and food places are close by as those will come in handy throughout the convention.

Next, you’ll want to consider things like what to wear. Check, in advance, what the dress code is and pack accordingly; If there is a masquerade ball or some kind of formal, you’ll definitely want to make sure you have an outfit for that. But practically speaking, consider that you have to have an ID on you at all times as well as your hotel or car keys, depending on how you got there, your debit/credit cards and/or cash. As a result, your outfit should incorporate some sort of bag or holder. For instance, one of our favourites is an ankle purse which sounds odd but is actually incredibly handy. It’s a leather belt that can be attached around the ankle and has a purse with a zipper and lock. Most things can go into it while the key can be worn on a bracelet the last thing to consider is the phone. Now, certain events won’t let you carry a phone so it would be best to leave in your room. Read the instructions carefully. Some will even have lockers you can rent so make sure you inquire if you are not sure.

Some other logistics to note – it’s easy to forget to eat or stay hydrated at a convention. Make sure you do both including having water at all times. We can’t speak to the numerous cases we know of people needing to leave the convention or even having an ambulance called just because they become so dehydrated that they start having medical issues. We cannot emphasize this enough!

That’s all for this week. Next week we’ll cover the last two aspects, the panels and the vendors!

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