The Playgrounds

Ready your cuffs, lace that corset up and come play with us.

Romances featuring the sensual side of BDSM.

Core series

The Words to Bind
The Will to Serve
The Heart to Lead – Coming Jun 14, 2022
The Vows to Keep
The Strength to Heal

Related works
The Knots that Hold (Part of Rules of Summer collection)


The Wayward Shadows

Some call us demons, some fae. We are shadows of humankind, born of your fantasies.

Paranormal romance with BDSM elements.

The Muse’s Touch
The Guardian’s Way
The Trickster’s Will
The Sisters’ Battle

The Midnight Retellings Collection

Fairy tale and other stories retellings. Each book is a standalone story but they are interconnected through a recurring cast and can be read out of order.

The age of remnants

In collaboration with Morena Silver, a post-apocalyptic paranormal romance of vampires and shifters.

Heirs of Blood and Feathers
Lords of Lies and Prophecies 
Gods of Light and Darkness – coming soon

Other stories