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Welcome to The Playgrounds, the hottest fetish club in town where the Dominants and submissives come to play.

But The Playgrounds is more than a place. More than the inconspicuous warehouse building it appears to be on the outside. More than the dance floor and dungeons it houses inside. It’s a community, a family, and a home for those that enjoy the kinkier side of sex and power dynamics in life. 

These are their stories, their joy and heartbreaks, fears and triumphs. Follow along as they give in to their darker desires of ropes and whips even as they navigate through the complicated dance of control and submission.

Ready your cuffs, lace that corset up and come play with us.

Core trilogy
The Words to Bind
The Will to Serve – Coming January 2021
The Vows to Keep

Related works
The Knots that Hold (Part of Rules of Summer collection)
The Heart to Lead
The Strength to Heal

Every yarn has an ounce of truth and stories old as time have a way of replaying themselves. 

The Midnight Retellings Collection consists of novellas that take fairy tales and other stories and reimagines them in the modern world with an ounce of magic and a good dose of kinky romance.

Each book is a standalone story but interconnected through recurring characters

Bound in Red
Drawn to Light
Spelled at Midnight (coming soon)


In collaboration with Morena Silver

A long time ago, the world started dying. Abominations rose from the earth and life began to fade. And at the heart of it, a child’s tale. The Devourer is coming. And now shifters and vampires must unite to face their common enemy for if they fail, they face the extinction of life as they know it.

But what of the conflicting feelings of their rulers’ heart. Will it make them stronger or doom them all?

Heirs of Blood and Feathers
Lords of Lies and Prophecies – Coming December, 2020
Gods of Light and Darkness

Other stories