About P. Stormcrow

Pixie (yes that’s what the P stands for) writes stories that, at the heart of them, features sexy romances that connect beyond the physical. Whether it’s about this world or the others like it, she enjoys exploring the power dynamics in relationships and challenging conventional tropes of the genre. She writes about life, love and all the messiness that comes between those things. Oh, and has she mentioned lots of steamy scenes?

If you’re looking for guilty pleasures that make you feel a little less guilty, check out some of Pixie’s work.

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Reviews and mentions for P. Stormcrow

“Super hot, without all the emotional abuse, financial objectification, or other problematic tropes.”

“Five Ways That the Romance Genre is Sexist Towards Men” by jyvurentropy in the ‘Of Time Storms and Tourniquets’ The Blog

Questions? Comments?

Pixie is always happy to chat and hear from the readers. You can email her at pixiestormcrow at gmail.com