The Knots that Hold

He’s a Dom, famous for his skills with rope.
She’s a journalist, pretending to be a Domme.
What could possibly go wrong?

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Elijah Lee, world-renowned shibari master, devotes his life to his art, bringing out the beauty of the human body using his skills with ropes and knots. And although he has played with and tied up many, in and outside of the bedroom, no submissive has ever bound his heart in return. That is, until he attends a summer fetish convention and runs into the mysterious Saskia Mason, who introduces herself as a Domme.

Sarah Wicker would do anything to get her first feature story in the women’s magazine she works for. That’s the only reason she said yes to her boss when he asked her to write a piece covering the BDSM lifestyle. Assuming a carefully crafted but totally made-up persona, she dives into the world of whips and chains, but the last thing she expects is a hookup with anyone, much less a famous and demanding Dom. Only, he knows her as Saskia, the sassy Domme she’s pretending to be.

Now they each must figure out if they can overcome each other’s baggage and deceit to forge a bond that will last beyond the heat of the beachside convention. Because the only knots worth tying are the ones that are strong enough to hold.

Awards and Accolades

The Knots that Hold has won the following award.

Praises for The Knots that Hold

“The characters in this story are incredible and completely realistic.”

” Reading about the intricacies of the knots that Eli crafted was an incredible, visionary experience. The details P. Stormcrow crafted in detailing the knots was excellent. I was able to create a picture in my mind of exactly what was being described.”

“P. Stormcrow did it again! I have never felt the emotions I feel every time I read her book. They take you and make you feel part of the book itself.”

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