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Q: One of the first things Luna notes is Lani's impossible heels. How does one go about being able to walk with such heels?

A: Through a lot of training. Heels are often favoured because it forces a posture that shows off the body in the best light. When someone wears heels, they tend to elongate their bodies, tighten their calves and tighten their glutes. In addition, it changes the way one walks, often shortening their stride and adding a subtle sway to their hips.

If you haven’t worn heels before and are interested in training to, or if you are interested in training someone else to, here are some tips you may find useful.

Tip #1: Start with the short and thick.
Ideally, you should start with something less than an inch and with a nice thick heel or even wedges if you can. That will ease your feet and legs into it. Often people start too fast and as a result, will strain their feet and their leg muscles.

Tip #2: Gradually ease into it.
Adjust with either height or thinness on a monthly basis. Within the month, stick with the same pair and gradually increase the amount of time you spend in it on a weekly basis. Start with an hour and work your way up. Don’t forget to always give yourself breaks. You may even want to consider later in the month an hour or two on, then an hour or two off, rinse and repeat. Remember that as you work towards skinnier heels that they may be slippery on surfaces like tile.  

Tip #3: Stretch and Soak.
Remember, just like anything else, you are likely exercising and using muscles in different ways than what you may previously be used to. So, make sure you perform stretches similar to what a ballerina would use. One such stretch is to put your toes up against a wall, keeping heels to the ground. Lean forward. You should feel your calves stretching. With any stretches, push yourself until you can feel a tightness in your muscles then hold it for twenty seconds. Inhale deeply then, exhale and slowly push forward a little more. At this point, you should feel a more intense burn. Hold it for ten more seconds before slowly releasing. This will help grow flexibility in your muscles as well 

For the more fun part if you feel soreness, soak your feet and legs in Epsom salt. 

Tip #4: Thrift!
If you think of this regime, it’s a lot of heels to go through! You may want to keep some pairs and some you may not. Thrift and second-hand stores are great for this training exercise. (At least for after social distancing measures are over.)

 Following these four tips should help you on your way to becoming confident and more comfortable in heels. (Pixie: and yes, I can attest to the training working.)

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