Drawn to Light (Signed)

Drawn to Light (Signed)

US $7.38

Signed copy of Drawn to Light

A paranormal romance retelling of Little Match Girl

Jaiyana, Jay-for-short, Brown had abandoned her life long ago after a bitter divorce left her reputation as a Domme in tatters. But when a girl literally falls out of a portal and into her arms in the dingiest alley of the hell-hole that is her neighbourhood, she has no choice but to take her home where a tale beyond her belief unfolds.

As a woman with magick in a land where magick is forbidden, Tilly has no rights. Sold by her father for five coppers to the witch hunters, she is doomed to a life as an enslaved dirty secret, used and experimented on. So when the opportunity comes on New Year’s Eve, she makes a run for it, armed with nothing but a box of matches and a legend.

As the witch hunters close in, Jay must figure out how to keep Tilly safe and out of their clutches in a world she cannot reach. Because Tilly awakens something long dead in Jay’s heart and to risk losing her is to lose the last of her hope.

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