Spelled at Midnight

The Midnight Retellings Collection Book 3

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Paranormal Romance, High Heat, BDSM

Release Date:

November 28, 2020

How much can a person’s past change their future?

Debts and her ever-growing task list were all Ashleigh Schuller knew. Growing up under the control of her step-mother and the professional Domme, Eleanor Durham, she had resigned herself to the life of a house slave while every cheque from work went towards funding her step-family’s extravagant lifestyle. So even when the normally stoic Hunter Davis, the Dom training with Eleanor, shows an interest in her, Ash does what she can to ignore her growing attraction to him.

But when a woman in a traditional Asian silk dress steps into the diner where she’s a waitress at, Ash discovers the possibility of something more. And as Eleanor pushes her harder and harder, Ash has to decide whether standing up to Eleanor is worth the risk, or would she lose Hunter, her past and her life.

Because spells cast at midnight have a way of turning around a person’s life.


The Midnight Retellings Collection consists of a series of stand-alone but interconnected novellas, each reimagining a fairy tale as modern-day paranormal romances with a good dose of kinky heat.

Praises for Spelled at Midnight

“What an incredible twist on one of my favorite fairytales. Ingenious plot twist with adding a paranormal to the story. Well done P.S.”

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