The Tenth

Being buried alive is just the beginning

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Emerging from a cardboard coffin with no memory of her past, Sky knew only three things:

One. Someone had buried her alive.

Two. She saw things nobody else could see.

Three. To find out how she ended up there, she’ll need to remember.

But taken in by the three men that run the cemetery she found herself in, she wasn’t sure anymore if she wanted any of her old life back.

That was, until her visions turned bloody.

Now she must unearth her past to figure out if she is going insane or if something more is happening. Because she may have cheated death once, but she might not be so lucky the next time.


For me, horror shines a spotlight on my own fears, and asks me how I would cope. Then it makes me wonder what else is in the darkness, just outside the spotlight.

Now, for a novella, The Tenth achieves that amazingly well.”


P.Stormcrow shows that she is able to turn her hand to any genre.

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