The Heart to Lead

Three years of mourning.
One night of pleasure.
It might be a new beginning, but only if he is willing to submit.

Available in ebook and print.

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Three years ago, Lani McMillan lost her submissive, and she has been running from her heart ever since. She may rely on the occasional scene to scratch the itch, but no other has come close to arousing her dominant instincts to claim them as her own.

That is, until she meets The Playgrounds’ latest security contractor, Nathan Pelletier.

He is everything she didn’t expect—ex-military, ex-cop, a fighter, a leader and very much confused by why submitting to her fulfills his deepest desires. So why does she want nothing more than to wrap her hands around his tie and pull him closer?

But time is running out for them to explore their new, tenuous bond, as the demons of both, real and imagined, emerge from the shadows and threaten to consume them. Now they must decide what they are to each other if they are to survive their pasts and their own desires.

Because it takes more than the will of a Dominant to lead.

Praises for The Heart to Lead

I was so excited for a book about Lani, because she’s been my favourite character in the Playgrounds series, and she didn’t disappoint. Her fire and her strength are in full force, but also her vulnerability and her humanity shine, complemented by Nathan’s pure heart and willingness to protect her.

Since first meeting Lani throughout the Playgrounds series, I could not wait for her book, and once again, Pixie has blown me away with this mesmerizing, sexy and touching story. It was beautifully written, showing the emotional journey of both main characters, along with their undeniable chemistry.

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