The Dragon's Enforcer

A Triad heiress who wants nothing to do with her father's legacy.
A rival gang enforcer who abhors violence.
Together, they must figure out who they are
before each of their roles swallows them whole.

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Charlotte Leung’s father, nicknamed Dragon Brother within the Hong Kong Triad, sent her overseas long ago to escape an underground life. But when he passes away, she returns to Hong Kong only to find that she is now the grand prize of a succession war. So before blood and violence can decide her future, she runs away, straight into the enemy faction’s territory.

Samuel Chan had made three major mistakes in his life. The first was running away from home to join the Ming Hain Tong Triad faction. The second was agreeing to let Big Brother train him to become an enforcer. The third was taking in the mysterious girl who stumbled into Big Brother’s training hall where he teaches. He should ditch her but something about his latest student brings out all his protective instincts. Now a world of trouble is heading for them both, and he must decide if he should be listening to his brain or his heart.

Because training the heir to the Dragon’s throne is only the beginning.

PRAISES FOR The Dragon's Enforcer

“Love, loss, circumstance, one’s true self, and the desire to be more.

The writing immerses you into this criminal world of rival gangs and bad deeds. The cultural aspect of the story was my favorite. The love story is endearing with tendrils of hotness.

This book is so good.”

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