Bound by Red

Who is the real viilian?
The hunter or the wolf?

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A paranormal romance retelling of Red Riding Hood

Scarlet Davis, ex-submissive, was content with her life between working as a programmer and dating a gorgeous six-foot-two golden-haired lumberjack she met on a Tinder date gone right. That is until she ran her car into a dog by accident. A dog which overnight turned into a naked man named Lucas who then proceeds to inform her that he is a wolf, not a dog. Now she is spending every waking moment trying to forget such a thing is even possible.

But when her so-called relationship with the noncommittal golden boy-cum-Dominant takes a turn for the worse and fate refuses to let her forget the werewolf who also happens to be a Dom, Scarlet must decide if the big bad wolf is the real antagonist. Because in a story like this, it’s never just her heart on the line.

Awards and Accolades

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Praises for Bound by Red

“A tantalizing quick read that is deliciously thrilling. Scarlet is a shy submissive that is immediately likable with brains and spunk.”

“Definitely not the version of Little Red Riding Hood I grew up with but definitely the one I prefer.”

“This might be a short story but it lacks Nothing… There’s mates, doms, subs, fighting, jealousy and even more. Don’t miss out on this one.”

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